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Sleep Apnea Is Common

Are you drowsy during the day with no explanation? Do you snore loudly or wake up breathless in the middle of the night?

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be one of more than 12 million Americans who are affected by sleep apnea.

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What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition in which your breathing stops periodically during sleep, as many as 20-30 times per hour.

Each time you stop breathing in your sleep, the resulting lack of oxygen alerts your brain, which temporarily wakes you up to restart proper breathing.

Since the time spent awake is so brief, most people with sleep apnea don't remember it, and many feel like they are getting a good night's sleep when, in fact, they aren't.

The constant wake-sleep, wake-sleep cycle prevents those with sleep apnea from achieving deep sleep, resulting in a constant drowsy feeling during the day.

What Are the Signs of Sleep Apnea?

Children, teens and adults should sleep quietly and breathe through the nose, without tilting the head back to open the airway.

If you notice one or more of sleep apnea symptoms, talk to us at a free consultation:

  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • Loud snoring at night
  • Waking up at night short of breath
  • Snorting or choking sounds during the night (indicating a restart of breathing)
  • Headaches upon waking in the morning
  • Falling asleep unintentionally during the day
  • Extreme drowsiness throughout the day
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FAQs About Sleep Apnea & Airway Issues