Your New Smile's Waiting

Get straight teeth quickly at a price you'll love.

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile

You should feel great about building a beautiful new smile. A few crooked teeth or a small gap in your front teeth can be fixed quickly and easily.

Best of all, the exam, records, treatment and retainers are all included in the treatment fee, which is 35% less than our regular Invisalign fee, but with the same quality.

Nothing but the best

Specialty training matters. You wouldn’t let your family doctor do your hip replacement, and you shouldn’t let anyone without experience moving teeth mess with your smile.

Dr. Krieger had 20 years of experience as one of the country’s top cosmetic dentists before he returned to school to become an orthodontist.

When you get your teeth straightened in our office, you’re getting treatment from a specialist who understands all the nuances of how to move teeth safely and quickly.

We’re VIP Platinum Invisalign providers, and every patient using our SimplyStr8 program will get actual Invisalign aligners, not cheap imitations. We also use the best technology available.

Our iCAT FLX machine gives us a 3D view of your teeth and jaws. Our iTero Element Scanner replaces goopy molds to create more accurate 3D printed casts that give you an easier, more accurate outcome.

3 Steps to Straighter Teeth

Patient headshot

Step 1: Free Consultation

You don’t have to pay to find out if you’re a candidate for clear aligners. Contact us for a no-charge exam, and we’ll give you all your options.

Or, if you want to snap a couple of pictures of your teeth, you can email them to [email protected], and we’ll let you know what Dr. Krieger thinks.

Step 2: Quick Video Scan

We don’t use old-fashioned goopy molds to make sophisticated clear aligners.

Our state-of-the-art video scanner is much more accurate and takes only a couple minutes to capture every detail of your teeth, so your aligners fit better.

ITero scanner
Invisalign aligners

Step 3: Start Treatment

Within 3-4 weeks after your scan, your new aligners will be ready for delivery.

A short, easy appointment means you'll be on your way to your dream smile in no time.