Orthodontic Care: No Referral Necessary

It seems as though referrals are needed for almost every healthcare service out there these days, so if you’ve recently been considering an orthodontic visit for your child, you may be wondering if you’ll need a referral from their dentist first. Fortunately, dental referrals aren’t necessary on most dental insurance plans, and most orthodontists don’t require one, either. That means you can request a FREE consultation with Krieger Orthodontics at any time!

You may not need a dental referral for orthodontic care, but that doesn’t mean your child’s dentist doesn’t play an important role in their oral health. They definitely do! Besides regular check-ups, it’s a good idea to have them check your child’s teeth and gums before you schedule an orthodontic visit, just to be sure they are healthy enough for any potential treatment. Since your child’s dentist is already familiar with their oral development and general dental health, you may also ask what they believe the best course of treatment would be. It never hurts to have added perspective when it comes to your child’s smile! This way, you’ll have additional thoughts and information to consider when making the choice about proceeding with orthodontic treatment, or choosing treatment options.

Seeing an orthodontist by age 7

Many parents are surprised to learn that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children have their first orthodontic exam by around the age of 7. Since most kids this age still have baby teeth and a developing mouth, you might wonder why they need to see an orthodontist so soon, but these visits are actually an important part of a preventive care approach to oral health.

It’s easy to think that baby teeth don’t matter much, since they eventually fall out anyway. But these primary teeth are the placeholders for the permanent teeth, setting the foundation for them to emerge into their eventual positions inside the mouth. Where they’re located and when they’re lost matters more than you may think! An orthodontic exam in early childhood allows an experienced orthodontist like Dr. Krieger to catch any existing or potential problems before they have the chance to become more serious. This can help reduce or eliminate any negative impact on the future permanent teeth.

When examining your child, Dr. Krieger will be able to see if the proper number of teeth are forming and erupting into the correct locations. He’ll also check for any common orthodontic issues. Even though the vast majority of children won’t need any treatment at this age, they will still benefit from regular monitoring of any current or suspected problems.

Take time to find the perfect orthodontic fit

Some parents aren’t sure what to do if their child’s dentist does make a referral, but to a specific orthodontist. Don’t worry — you’re still free to choose any orthodontist you feel comfortable with and confident in, not just the one they’ve referred!

When it comes to finding a provider who is a good fit for both you and your child, word of mouth is an amazing tool. Ask around and talk with family, friends, and coworkers about their experiences with local orthodontists. Getting a personal referral from a satisfied patient is a great first step in finding an orthodontist that will work for your whole family. Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews can be helpful, too. If you’re still feeling a little unsure, many practices have a place for patient testimonials on their website, and sometimes include examples of their work. You can find our testimonials right here!

Consider your family’s specific needs

We know that parents want to give their children the best smile possible. Dr. Krieger was an accomplished general dentist for twenty years before going back to school to become an orthodontist. This gives him the unique advantage of viewing every case through the eyes of an orthodontist and an accomplished cosmetic dentist who restored smiles on a regular basis.

Dr. Krieger has attended hundreds of hours of courses specifically devoted to the role individual tooth shape and form play in producing a pleasing smile. That’s why Krieger Orthodontics uses “smile design” with every patient! With this approach, our expert team is able to design a smile for each individual patient, taking into account their specific tooth shape, the movement of their lips, and shape of their face. This individualized approach combined with the latest in orthodontic technology makes treatment more comfortable and more efficient.

Krieger Orthodontics believes your child’s orthodontic care should be a stress-free and rewarding experience. We’ve worked hard to create a warm and welcoming office environment that parents and kids alike will appreciate! We also offer multiple treatment options that provide exceptional results, giving your child a great start on a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.Our team understands the importance of affordable orthodontic treatment, and we are committed to providing high-quality care to every patient who needs it. We have a variety of flexible in-house financing to fit every budget.

No referral needed for a beautiful smile at Krieger Orthodontics

Whether you find us through a dental referral, a recommendation, or a review, you can count on Krieger Orthodontics to provide your family with the highest level of orthodontic care and customer service. We’re dedicated to providing patients of all ages with a positive orthodontic experience, from your first visit to your last. That begins with a FREE consultation!

During this consultation, your child will receive a full orthodontic evaluation by Dr. Krieger. We’ll then walk you through the results, discussing any questions or concerns you have along the way, before detailing the recommended treatment plan. We offer a variety of treatment options to treat orthodontic issues from mild to complex, and will only recommend the best plan for your child’s specific needs.

Every child around the age of 7 and beyond benefits from an orthodontic evaluation, so we encourage you to get in touch with us today to schedule a FREE exam!