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The White Glove Approach


There are lots of orthodontic offices out there, so how do you choose one over another? All orthodontists graduate from accredited programs, so what differentiates them? Dr. Krieger spent 20 years becoming an accomplished general dentist before going back to school to pursue his dream of becoming an orthodontist. It means that when Dr. Krieger is treating you, you’ll benefit as he views your case through the eyes of both an orthodontist and accomplished cosmetic dentist who restored smiles on a regular basis. Dr. Krieger still mentors less experienced dentists and has lectured globally for more than a decade, so you know that he’s someone you can trust.


The vast majority of practicing orthodontists enter residency straight out of dental school. Dr. Krieger is different. For 20 years, patients came to Dr. Krieger to change their smiles with veneers or crowns. As a result, Dr. Krieger attended hundreds of hours of courses specifically devoted to the esthetics of the smile and the role individual tooth shape and form play in producing a pleasing smile. Dr. Krieger believes that every patient deserves to have a smile designed for their individual case, taking into account their specific tooth shape and things like the movement of their lips and shape of their face. This individualized approach and the compilation of all of the aspects of dentistry that play a role is called “smile design” and you can experience it at Krieger Orthodontics.


  • teeth


    While most people think of teeth as being just a set of "chompers", Dr. Krieger sees them as the essential "artwork" of the smile. Special attention needs to be paid to not only the color, but the shape. Oval, square and triangular teeth all have unique properties that need to be considered as part of the smile.

  • lips


    If the smile is the artwork, the lips are the frame. The shape, form and even how much the lips move all play a role in the way others perceive your smile. Smiles aren't just a static bunch of teeth, but rather a dynamic arrangement of soft tissue and teeth that changes with every smile, laugh and word you speak.

  • gums


    While excellent gum health is essential for a beautiful smile, the actual architecture of the gums can play a significant role in how a smile is perceived. Gums that are thick and bulky need to be considered differently than those that are thin and frail. Dr. Krieger graduated dental school with a minor in periodontics.

  • girl smiling with pig tails


    Faces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and it's that very shape that can play a role in how a smile is viewed. Long faces and slender teeth need to be addressed differently than broad teeth and a wider face. Dr. Krieger knows how to blend tooth shape and facial form for a beautiful outcome.