Author: Dr. Glenn Krieger

girl smiling with a retainer

Permanent vs. Removable Retainers


As you near the end of your orthodontic treatment, whether you are waiting for your braces to come off or to pop in your last Invisalign aligner, you deserve to celebrate finishing the most difficult part of the process and show off the beautiful results....

Young girl smiling wearing braces

How Long Will I Be In Braces


Getting a perfect smile by braces is a decision that needs careful consideration. The most common question asked at Krieger Orthodontics is: “How long do braces take?” The answer is: it depends. The process can be complicated, depending on how much correction you need to...

Young woman with clear braces

Braces and Gingivitis


Everyone wants that beautifully straight smile that traditional braces can give them, but getting there can sometimes be a challenge. One of those challenges is maintaining an effective dental hygiene routine. Braces can make it more difficult to clean your teeth thoroughly while brushing and...

family with braces

Orthodontic Options For All Ages


When it comes to orthodontics, popular culture has planted a picture in our heads of gawky teens in awkward braces. This image is so prevalent that it still tends to be the first thing we think of when discussing orthodontic treatment, so it can be...

patient in pain

Orthodontic Emergencies


Our team at Krieger Orthodontics works hard to ensure that your orthodontic treatment is as comfortable as possible, though, unforeseen problems do arise. Although true orthodontic emergencies are rare, you may encounter a problem with your appliance that causes mild to severe pain.  Most problems...

Teen girl in braces relaxing

Dentist or Orthodontist for Braces?


When it comes to the world of dentistry and orthodontics, many people wrongly assume that the two are interchangeable. While there are many similarities between general dentists and orthodontists, there are also quite a few significant differences to set them apart. If you’re looking into...

young girl with braces smiling

Two Phase Treatment


After your child completes his or her orthodontic evaluation with us at Krieger Orthodontics, you might hear us mention “two-phase treatment.” It may sound a bit daunting if you have never heard this term before. Thankfully, it's a lot less intricate than it sounds.   Two-phase...